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Tree of Life Jewelry: Why the Ancient Symbol is Sacred

Though not as common as other symbol jewelry, tree of life jewelry are representations of one of the most ancient symbols of the world. The tree, whose roots stretch into the earth to sustain life and whose branches and fruit provide life was one of the most important objects in the world of ancient civilizations. It isn't a wonder that tree became respected, protected, and worshiped.

For example, Native Americans respected the trees as great mothers, much like the Celts. In fact, the most popular symbolisms behind trees are derived from Celtic lore and beliefs. The Celts and their holy men, known as druids (derived from the word deru, meaning wood) filled their culture with images of trees. The druids revered nature. Living in the forests of Europe, trees were very scared to their people because they were proof of the life giving earth in which they lived. and they were a sacred feminine symbol, one of fertility and wholeness. They also linked trees to the god Taranis, whose tree was the oak. Oaks were considered doorways to the underworld, and the English word “door” is derived from the Celtic word daur, meaning oak.

Apart from the Celts, many traditions venerate the tree of life. Kabbalah, a sacred Jewish religion refers to this tree in its book of creation and how it is from this tree that the thirty-two paths to wisdom can be known. Greek myths believed that sylphs lived in trees, sustaining and nurturing life. Different trees have come to acquire different meanings, depending on their geographic location and how they react to the seasons. For example, the sacred white tree was thought to be a symbol of good overcoming evil because of how it turns white in winter and lose all its leaves, but is victorious and reborn come spring.

Across the board, the tree is a symbol of life, a representation of mother earth. With the trunk as the woman's body, and branches and fruit for hair, the tree is a symbol of the earth mother's life giving generosity. It is ever giving in what can be done with their leaves, branches, trunks, and fruit. Trees are also symbols of hope because they are always renewed and always will be renewed.

Trees are mythical and magical. Hence their immortalization in jewelry.

In modern times, tree of life jewelry often refers to the Christian tree of life, which was found in the garden of Eden and is associated with Adam and Eve. However, many pieces of jewelry still follow the geometry and styles of other cultures and civilizations, which warrants a closer look at each piece. You never know when you may be carrying a different legend or hidden meaning in your tree.

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