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Symbol Jewelry: Ancient History & New Perspective

All jewelry is symbolic. Solitaire diamonds symbolize love and the promise to wed, pearl earrings symbolize coming of age, class rings symbolize the end of childhood, and so on. Despite the many symbolic meanings and traditions behind jewelry, only certain pieces claim the title 'symbol jewelry.' These pieces of jewelry often use ancient symbols from past civilizations and religions, carrying with them the history, tradition, and wisdom of the ancient world and of peoples long gone.

Most pieces of symbolic jewelry have roots in tradition, often spiritual, tribal, or religious. Some of the oldest pieces of jewelry (among them are some charm bracelets) were dated at 500BC, though Egyptian and Greek artifacts tell us that they have been around much longer. These early pieces were often made with rocks, gems, and crystals. Sometimes fashioned to fit a setting and sometimes worn raw. They often symbolized or paid tribute to a god or goddess, which is why most pieces are thought to have powers or offer protection to the wearer.

The belief of protection and safety was one of the driving forces behind the popularity of god jewelry in the past. Some who wear these ancient symbols continue to believe this, though the most ubiquitous example of the adopting of this practice and belief can be found among the Catholics and their medallions of saints and crosses. Today, the reason behind its popularity, which has grown through the years and has spread throughout the world, is because it gives the wearer a chance to show their personal uniqueness and their beliefs or sentiments towards certain cultures. This display of singularity helps us value differences in individuals. Each symbolic piece carries with it a history and tradition and meaning that may be subject to interpretation, making each piece of jewelry very personal.

Apart from showing the personal paths we've chosen, symbol jewelry helps show different perspectives, both in their ancient meaning and in their newfound significance. Aside from the belief in protection, stories behind various symbols often involve peace, everlasting life, love, courage, strength, and other traits of virtues. We often find that meanings and significance can change when we take the symbols across countries and borders.

What never changes, however, is the popularity of legend and remembrance that all symbol jewelry holds. There is something eternal and special found in the pieces, and they evoke emotions and thoughts other jewelry cannot stir. It is the kind of jewelry that will never go out of style. After all, it helps us appreciate the history of the entire world as one people

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